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Quickly create a training program for inexperienced LO’s, Junior LO’s, and LOA’s

How to effectively lead your team virtually

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Why Ron Vaimberg is the one to help you build your team?

Ron, a former mortgage company owner, is a pioneer in training new personnel in the mortgage industry. Long before licensing was ever required or existed, Ron taught mortgage company owners and managers the secrets to attract, build, and lead a high-performance sales and support team. Ron has spent decades sharing his sales-focused training system for LO’s, LOA’s, and Junior LO’s to industry leaders.

There are no shortage of licensing courses and in-depth processing training courses throughout the industry. However, the needs of managers and LO’s building a sales support team are unique and very defined. The keyword is “sales.”

What this means is that as a leader, you want to attract and build your team of originators and support staff quickly. Traditional mortgage training is not built to do that.

Whether you need an LOA or two for yourself, or you are committed to building a large origination team, there are shortcuts that Ron knows how to guide you to leverage. You are super busy, and you need to know how to get a support person to help you in the least amount of time and with the least amount of disruption to your origination flow. This is exactly what Ron will show you how to do on your own.

Only $597 per location

What is Attract and Lead?

Attract and Lead is an interactive 4-session (2 hours per session) success program held over two weeks. Attract and Lead takes you step-by-step through the exact tools, systems, and processes to take complete control over your business and team’s growth.

Attract and Lead is NOT a webinar. Attract and Lead is a highly-interactive live event with full interaction between Ron and all attendees.

4 Session Agenda:

Session Times: 1:00 PM EST – 3:00 PM EST | 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST | 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM MST | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

Rapid Result Session 1: Business Growth by Design

December 7, 2021

Expanding and growing your business with new or experienced talent and support must be done by design. This is the only way to maximize your effectiveness and growth speed. Whether you want more purchase production from your existing team, you are bringing on a single person to help you with your originations, or you are planning to build an entire origination team, having the right plan avoids the chaos and pain that most mortgage companies often experience.

Rapid Result Session 2: Recruiting and Hiring the Right Talent

December 8, 2021

Continuing from session 1, regardless of how you are building our team, you must do your best to hire the right people. All too often, managers and originators look to get originators or support staff as quickly as possible. Little regard is placed on finding the right candidate. Most people when hiring approach it as something that want to get done and over as quickly as possible. Knowing how to find and attract the right people , and then ask the right hiring questions is the game-changer for your future success.

Rapid Result Session 3: Systems for Effective Growth and Training

December 14, 2021

Not everyone has the same circumstance when it comes to adding people to your team. Some mortgage professionals need to hire only an LOA or Junior LO. Some managers are focused on building an origination team. The challenge is that most leaders are pressed for time and can’t effectively grow their company or branch while they simultaneously keep their own originations flowing. Others have the vision to grow much larger but don’t have the resources or systems in place to effectively manage, train, and lead while they produce on their won. Knowing how to leverage yourself and other resources to train and build your team predictably and systematically is the key to rapid, controlled growth.

Rapid Result Session 4: Leading Your Team in Person or Virtually

December 15, 2021

The pandemic has changed the way mortgage companies operate. Some continue to operate virtually, while others have brought back some or all of their staff to the office. Regardless of where you are in your operation, growing and leading your support and/or origination team is key to maintaining growth. The market has changed and originations have been impacted. The key to being better than your competition is to have a system for motivating and guiding your team where they are empowered to want to work for you and increase their performance.

Only $597 per location

100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you have not received strategies that will increase your effectiveness to Attract and Lead your team at the end of the first session, email us your request for a full tuition refund. No questions asked.

About Ron

Ron Vaimberg is recognized as one of the most requested, in-demand mortgage trainers and coach’s in the mortgage industry. He is the driving force behind a number of the nation’s top-producing mortgage loan officers. Ron’s success coaching and training are directly responsible for more than 22 billion dollars in increased originator production.

As a thirty-five-year industry veteran originator, trainer and coach, Ron is the go-to trainer, sales coach, and success strategist for top originators throughout the U.S. and Canada. Ron is recognized as the “street trainer”, in that his high-performance marketing, sales, and leadership strategies work in the real world and are easy to implement and produce rapid results.