The Ultimate Warrior MLO

This is the signature program for becoming an elite originator and to become one of the top 1% of all originators in the U.S.  This is the absolute most comprehensive success program that exists for loan officers that want to excel at the highest possible level.  The Ultimate Warrior MLO is the most complete system for successful selling for originators because attendees not only learn how to succeed, they practice and master the success principles before they ever leave the program.

The difference between this program and all other multi-day events is in the fact that there is only one methodology being taught.  Ron Vaimberg is your instructor, mentor, and coach for the entire program which is what makes it the most powerful success program ever created for origination success.

Traditional events have multiple speakers, each with their own agenda and beliefs.  Often times in these types of events you have to piece together your own version of what has been presented.  It is this critical element that makes these types of programs ineffective for most originators.  The more you have to figure out, the less likely you are to take action.

The Ultimate Warrior MLO is a complete system for success.  You don’t have to figure anything out as it has already been done for you.  The only thing you need to do is understand the material. practice and master it at the event using our exclusive Rapid Mastery Method™, and then take action when you hit the streets.  Ron’s mastery of human psychology and his adaptation of these principles to his teachings is what makes retention, action, and success of his students a guarantee.  It is why his clients and students often end up in the top 1% of all originators in the United States.

This program is the ultimate “no holds barred” success program that will reveal everyone of Ron’s super secret success strategies that are proven to work on the street all day and every day.  When you attend you will laugh, learn and master the best of the best success system .  Just some of the the success principles you will master at the program are:

  • The Ultimate 5 Step Sales Process that closes 9 out of every 10 sales opportunities
  • Explosive lead generation strategies that multiply your business growth rapidly
  • How to control and master your time for maximum effectiveness for producing and closing business.
  • Creating a referral partner network of top producing professionals that keeps leads and business always flowing in your direction
  • How to set up your sales presentation from the beginning to reduce or eliminate interest rate and closing cost objections
  • The fastest way to always take control of every sales situation
  • High impact low-cost marketing strategies that get the attention of top producing real estate agents.
  • How to deliver highly impactful group presentations to real estate agents
  • Implementing a complete originator success system that is planned and scheduled in advance so all you need to do is take action
  • And so much more…

The Ultimate Warrior MLO public events sell out every time we hold them.  Check out our upcoming schedule to see when and where we are holding these events.

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Live Boot Camp Sales Warrior Intensive

Do you need a crash course in origination growth?

Do you need to clear out your head trash that keeps you from taking action?

Do you need more leads and closed loans?

Live Boot Camp provides high impact action strategies that work in today’s market condition to give any originator, regardless of current production, the skills that are guaranteed to increase production by 30% in 30 days.  Live Boot Camp provides you the most successful tools for rapid business growth without requiring you to spend money on marketing.

When you attend Live Boot Camp, it is like being shown the ultimate originator highlight reel of top producing lead generation and closing strategies.  When you attend this high-intensity success program you will learn:

  • How to develop a referral partner network without making a single cold call
  • High impact questioning strategies to control almost every sales situation
  • High impact questioning strategies to control almost every sales situation
  • How to use questions to overcome the most common borrower and Realtor™ objections
  • Simple steps to take control of your time
  • How to work with the right prospects
  • The single most powerful success secret that all top originators have in common
  • And much more…

Check out our upcoming calendar of events or inquire as to just how affordable it is to have this program presented on-site for your company.

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