Every 5 minutes, you likely receive an email about some type of technology that promises you that it will get borrowers or real estate agents to bang a path to your door. 

One email could be about a CRM system that says it will do all the marketing for you. (what they don’t tell you is how many of your emails will get blocked or going into SPAM. It’s many more, you think.) 

I urge you to take a look at the content of these premade email templates in these systems. Marketers did not write the majority of them, they were written by people who know how to write filler content, but have virtually little to zero understanding of how to persuade. (I m not saying all systems are like this, but many of them are.)

The next email you receive might be about a technology that gives you an App that you can provide to agents to place in their phones. Some of these APP’s are excellent. The challenge is that if you don’t know how to get the agent not only to accept the App but also get their clients to use it, then the App does not do anything for you. Once again, messaging and your ability to get yourself or others to implement the technology is where the difference comes in.

The bottom line is that top originators all have one thing in common, they understand that technology can help you be more successful, but it will never make you successful.

You do not need the latest and greatest technology to be a top originator. You need to understand marketing and messaging first. Once you understand that, then implementing technology becomes the game changer for elevating your business to another level.

I know this message may not be a popular one, but it is spot-on accurate. The proof comes when you look at the difference between top originators and the rest of the industry. Top originators absolutely use technology, but they are master marketers first. They did not become a top performer because of the technology. They are relentless prospectors. They have referral partners, and they are masters at getting people to “yes.”

Technology can increase your reach, but it cannot improve your ability to sell and influence. You must take the time to understand what those skills are, and step-by-step begin your journey to master each of them. What you will find is that as you learn them (not even master them), your business will grow, and momentum will take hold.

Some of the core principles of selling and marketing that top originators know and implement are:

  • Asking emotional persuasion questions
  • Preparation for objections like when an agent says to you, “I already have an existing lender.”
  • Relentless prospecting and networking for referral partner relationships
  • Effective planning and time control strategies
  • Knowing how to measure numbers and performance

It is up to you how successful you are. If you live and die by refinances, then you have virtually no control over the future of your business. If you focus on technology as the solution, instead of as a tool, you become dependent on something that your competition has access to as well.  

The only thing unique about you in the mortgage business is YOU. I encourage you to use technology, but only if you are working on YOU at the same time. You are the game-changer. No one can compete with you. The more you focus on your skills, and then compliment them with technology and tools, the faster your business will grow, and the higher your income. 

Your commitment to your skill development is the absolute fastest way to grow your business. This is your silver bullet to success!

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