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Meet Ron Vaimberg

Ron began his career in the real estate business in 1983 and a professional agent working on the North Shore of Long Island, New York. Possessing little knowledge about real estate and freshly receiving his real estate license, Ron jumped into the residential apartment and housing rentals. Although Ron did very well in the rental arena, he always had his sights set on being a top residential sales specialist.

Primarily self-taught, Ron advanced his career as a top residential listing and sales agent in the upscale area of Northport, New York, one of the premier North Shore water towns in Suffolk County.
After working and succeeding at a very young age as a real estate professional, Ron received the opportunity to join a major local bank in the New York metropolitan area as a loan officer. The manager that recruited Ron knew of his sales expertise as an agent and was confident that his sales skills would transfer over to the mortgage business.

As the manager had correctly speculated, Ron’s sales ability and skills allowed him to quickly succeed at a very high level as a professional mortgage loan officer.

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