Live, in Person, You will Work with Ron directly on Your Presentation and Challenges

Have you ever been…

  • Rejected by a real estate agent who said “they already have an existing relationship”
  • Stuck with how to get noticed by a real estate agent you want to meet
  • Pushed into being an agent’s lender of last resort
  • Flustered as to how to stand-out from other loan officers

Ron will share with you his same time-tested formula he provides his top producing private clients.

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The Industry’s Only 100% Focused Agent Relationship Training Event


Day 1

Day 1 is all about YOU – and how to create your clearly defined competitive advantage and power messaging that gets you noticed.  It’s how you instantly gain agent attention. You master exactly how to respond when an agent says “they already have an existing relationship” or “we have an in-house lender”. You understand the steps to creating a social media master brand for yourself. 

Day 2

Day 2 is where Ron helps you create your Power Position for agent engagement.  You will practice and master the scripts, questions, messaging, and delivery of your Ultimate Agent Presentation. Ron will work directly with you and provide you clear easy to implement solutions to any agent objection or challenge. Finally, how to persuade like a top-producer and take complete control of every agent meeting.

What is the SPAR Secret?

  • One-one-one time with ME.

    I will answer all your questions. Whether it is during the event, at the MGIC sponsored Happy Hour after Day One, or even in the morning before the start of Day 2.

  • You will discover and create your POWER POSITION.

    I’ve done this thousands of times for loan officers, and I will do it for you. We’ll find your unique position that gets agents to pay attention to you.

  • Create YOUR high status approach with agents.

    I’ll provide you my exact messaging to create your aura of expertise that makes agents WANT to meet with you.

  • How to create marketing messages that tie into how an agent’s brain works

    This is not done through gimmicks. You will learn the million-dollar secrets top marketers use to persuade people into action

  • Turn a scheduled 5 minute meeting into a lifetime agent relationship

    You’ll turn a quick short meeting into a complete breakdown of everything you need to win the agents trust and business.

  • Gain immediate control and engagement of any audience.

    Whether you are conducting a one-on-one meeting, or a group presentation, my presentation enrollment questions will enable you to gain instant attention and win agent connection.

  • Hit the ground running when you return to your market.

    You will return to your home market completely ready to implement your agent relationship winning formula. You will already know what to do, and you will have mastered it at SPAR.

  • The ultimate “confidence formula” to control every selling situation

    Learning new strategies always comes with fear of the unknown, and concerns of burning an opportunity. My proven presentation strategies eliminate your natural fears and create an easy path for immediate implementation.

Register Today and Save $500!

Retail: $1,297
Early Registration: $797
Early Registration Expires 2/28/2020

Since 2000 Ron has trained and coached originators, owners and managers from:


“In 2019 I closed 136 purchase loans without a team, all while maintaining balance in my life.  Follow Ron’s plan, and you too will have similar results”

Tony Ortega, Branch Manager

“Since attending Ron’s event, myself and one team member closed 39 million. Ron makes things so easy to implement, and his ideas work exactly the way he says it will.”

Brian Skaar, Branch Manager

“My purchase business has never been better since attending the event in San Francisco. Winning great agent relationships is so much easier using Ron’s simple system for connecting with agents.”

Peggi Sahota, Loan Officer

“I raise my goals every year.  Ron’s easy to implement strategies all but ensure that I not only reach my goals, but exceed them year after year”

Bill Roland, Top 1% Originator

Register Today and Save $500!

Retail: $1,297
Early Registration: $797
Early Registration Expires 2/28/2020