Selling is not a bad word. Selling is the process of motivating someone to recognize that they want or need what you have to offer. When you understand this, you’ll approach selling from a different perspective and employ a much different strategy.

There are two secrets to effective persuasion, and they exist all around us. They are used against us every single day. We use them on other people every single day, but we don’t necessarily realize we’re doing it. Let me explain the secrets.

Inspire Your Prospect

The first secret of selling persuasion is that you must inspire the prospect to want what you are offering. Most salespeople just give out the information about the product and hope the sale takes care of itself. That’s a mistake if you actually want to close the sale.

You must show the client how your product or service fills a void that they have to inspire them to purchase. Your job as a salesperson is not just to convince them that they want your product, but that they need your product and it will make their life better.

Help the Prospect Justify the Purchase

Once you’ve inspired your prospect to do business with you emotionally, you now must help them justify the purchase logically. As a loan officer, your prospects might be asking themselves these questions?

  • Do you really have their best interest in mind?
  • Can they trust you?
  • What’s their risk?
  • What’s the real benefit you provide?
  • Are you better than what they already have?

To help clients answer these logical questions positively, you must have already built a rapport with them and gained their trust.

To help this in this process, you must understand what the two motivating factors are behind all buying decisions:

  • The need to avoid pain
  • The desire to gain pleasure

If the reward (pleasure) is greater than the risk (pain), and they trust you, you can then help your prospect justify doing business with you.

If someone needs your products and/or service and does not buy from you, they associate more pain with buying than not buying. If a prospect does buy, then they associate more pleasure with buying.

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