Taking action is the key to moving your business forward. It doesn’t come from information. It comes from committing to changing your behavior that will, in turn, change your life. But how do we make the change from ordinary to extraordinary?

Changing your decisions is rooted in psychology. Why do you do business the way you do? Why do customers and prospects do what they do? When you learn to understand the behavior of everyone, including yourself, it gives you the ability to adapt and take action.

Creating Your Map

The first step to moving your business forward through the Five Forces of Business Mastery is creating your map.

When we’re going somewhere we’ve never been before; we need to know how to get there. When changing your decisions, you get the opportunity to design your life choices to arrive at your destination successfully. Most goals fail when there is not a path to success.


Why should anyone do business with you? To grow your business and work with people that have never given you the opportunity, you’re going to have to do something different, something unique. Positioning instantly lets people recognize that you have something of value to offer that your competition doesn’t.


How are you communicating your message? I believe that most people in the mortgage industry don’t know anything about marketing. They’ll print off colorful flyers, make posts on social media, and send out an email every once in a while. Still, to market effectively, you have to communicate effectively to gain the attention of your prospects and stop being ignored.

Sales Systems

Your marketing has paid off, but now you have to get the customer to work with you. Marketing is getting attention; selling is how to get people to say yes. Do you have a sales plan, or are you just winging it? You can’t master sales if you don’t have a strategy or the systems to support it.


The last force of business mastery is maximization. You’ve created your map, you know your position, you’re gaining the attention of prospects, and you have your sales strategy locked in. Now it’s time to bring all of these elements together to scale.

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