Five Components of Effective Messaging


  Do your prospects find your messaging relevant? Do they care about what you're saying, or do your emails just go to spam? If you're not providing solutions and adding value to those you want to do business with, you're wasting your time with every email you send. Here are five components of effective messaging [...]

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The Two Secrets of Selling Persuasion


  Selling is not a bad word. Selling is the process of motivating someone to recognize that they want or need what you have to offer. When you understand this, you'll approach selling from a different perspective and employ a much different strategy. There are two secrets to effective persuasion, and they exist all around [...]

The Two Secrets of Selling Persuasion2021-06-02T19:36:10+00:00

The Five Forces of Business Mastery


  Taking action is the key to moving your business forward. It doesn’t come from information. It comes from committing to changing your behavior that will, in turn, change your life. But how do we make the change from ordinary to extraordinary? Changing your decisions is rooted in psychology. Why do you do business the [...]

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How to Grow Your Purchase Originations in a Low Inventory Market


Real estate professionals throughout the country have no shortage of homebuyers, but they do have an extreme shortage of available inventory for their buyers to purchase. Mortgage professionals are dealing with the same challenges as they, too, have no lack of borrowers who are pre-approved for mortgage financing but can find properties to purchase, [...]

How to Grow Your Purchase Originations in a Low Inventory Market2020-02-19T20:53:23+00:00

LO’s Need to Stop Believing Technology is the Answer


Every 5 minutes, you likely receive an email about some type of technology that promises you that it will get borrowers or real estate agents to bang a path to your door.  One email could be about a CRM system that says it will do all the marketing for you. (what they don’t tell [...]

LO’s Need to Stop Believing Technology is the Answer2020-02-12T19:48:54+00:00

Why LO’s Struggle with Agent Relationship Development


There are some loan officers who you will hear say, "I never want to do business with real estate agents." Others will say, "Agents cannot be trusted or are not loyal." There are even loan officers who will say, "I want to do business with agents, but I don't know how to stand out."What most [...]

Why LO’s Struggle with Agent Relationship Development2021-04-30T18:10:27+00:00

The Missing Ingredients in Business Plans


Q4 is the time of year that the majority of the loan officers, managers, and mortgage company owners decide to take pen to paper and map out their goals and plans for the next year. Traveling the country, conducting live seminars as well as small intimate training programs, I find that the majority of mortgage [...]

The Missing Ingredients in Business Plans2019-10-01T16:07:39+00:00

The Numbers Game


If you have been in sales for any period of time, you have heard the expression "Sales is a Numbers Game." This is said so often, that most salespeople have become numb to this expression. We all have people in our lives that repeat themselves. It's easy to give an auto-response by saying something [...]

The Numbers Game2019-11-01T18:51:07+00:00

The Myth About Technology and Origination Productivity


Every day I see a product or service marketed to loan originators that promise to make them more productive and work less. The ads claim that an originator never has to leave their home, to the promise that borrowers or referral partners will be banging down the doors to do business with them. I [...]

The Myth About Technology and Origination Productivity2019-10-11T17:54:59+00:00

What Do You Really Do for A Living


As I travel throughout the country and conduct live presentations, one of the questions I always ask my loan officer audiences, is: "What do you do for a living?"The most common responses I will receive are "Loan officer, "Mortgage professional," "Financing expert," "MLO," and "I make housing dreams come true."Believe it or not, these responses [...]

What Do You Really Do for A Living2019-11-01T18:41:54+00:00
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