Harnessing Holiday Momentum

Welcome to a crucial time in your professional journey—the holiday season. While it’s a period of joy and celebration, it’s also a unique opportunity for growth and advancement in your career.


Understanding the Holiday Momentum Dip


During the holidays, there’s a common tendency to slow down. Phrases like “I’m getting ready for the holidays” become a norm. But let’s face it: often, this is more of an excuse than a real commitment. It’s during this time that many industries experience a downturn, marked by a decline in productivity and an increase in negativity.


This is where you come in. While others are unplugging and stepping back, you have a golden opportunity to step up. This is especially true for professionals in mortgage and real estate. Instead of idling by as the holidays approach, take proactive steps to further your goals. Staying active now means you’ll be several steps ahead when January rolls in.


Strategy for Avoiding Post-New Year’s Lag


The post-holiday period often sees a slow return to normalcy. But why wait? By maintaining your drive and focus through the holiday season, you’re positioning yourself for an energetic and productive start to the New Year. December can be a month of significant progress, setting you up for an even more successful January.


People often question my commitment to working intensely during the holidays. My mantra is simple:


  • When you work, work hard.

  • When you play, play hard.

  • Don’t mix them together. It is the only way to get the most out of both.

  • Always keep momentum going.


This approach is more than just staying busy; it’s a strategic move to build momentum for the upcoming year.


In today’s ever-evolving market, staying ahead is more crucial than ever. If you’re not taking an extended break, use this time to expand your market presence and uncover new opportunities.


The holiday season isn’t just about winding down; it’s a period ripe with potential. Utilize this time to forge new connections, develop strategies, and set the stage for a prosperous New Year.


Stay connected and make the most of this holiday season. Your future self will thank you for the strides you make today.

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