Not All coaching Programs Are Created Equal

There is a difference between typical business coaching, and “strategic success coaching”.  Typical business coaching in the mortgage industry is what is known as “template coaching”  Simply put, this means that all coaching clients are treated and coached exactly the same way and the instructor has very limited ability to adapt the program to your specific needs.  Typically the coach facilitating the program is someone who has very limited ability to work with you outside the box.

Ron Vaimberg’s Strategic Success Coaching is where your business is analyzed, evaluated, strategized, and leveraged to take immediate advantage of the success opportunities that are part of your existing business today and that can also be easily added.  Every aspect of the success program is customized to your way of doing business.  Strategic Success Coaching guarantees one thing…you will achieve positive success and results faster because the program works by leveraging your existing business system.  In addition, with Strategic Success Coaching you have access to Ron directly to assist you with overcoming virtually every and any sales or marketing challenge you face.

Because you get to work directly with Ron Vaimberg, your investment in his help and guidance is not an expense, it will be a profit center for you.

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