Rapid ways to increase leads and loans

The internet is creating challenges for credit unions like never before. Because your members have access to mortgage information at their fingertips, it is no surprise that their loyalty to obtaining mortgage financing is being tested. With so many financing options easily accessible, your mortgage sales team, and front line representatives, need to possess the absolute best strategies to win the business and keep your members in-house.

How to Leverage Your Credit Union Advantage is the ultimate training program that teaches your team how to take advantage of the opportunities that exist when your members reach out for financing, or even visit one of your local branches. Knowing the right questions to ask your members can be the difference between keeping the members working with your credit union, versus them going elsewhere for financing for as little as an 1/8 in interest rate, or a few hundred dollars in closing costs. This cutting edge credit union specific focused training program will instantly transform the way your sales team communicates with your membership.

How to Leverage Your Credit Union Advantage on-site training program will teach your origination team exactly how to:

  • Instantly differentiate themselves from any competitor through a single question

  • Take complete control of the sales process from the beginning

  • Dramatically increase their conversion of leads to loans

  • Rapidly generate referral partner relationships with real estate professionals

  • Overcome interest rate and closing cost objections

  • Clearly demonstrate the benefits of your products and programs

  • And so much more…

To find out  more about this program, and how it can even be customized specifically to the needs of your credit union, please contact Ron Vaimberg directly by calling 877-582-3865 or by email at [email protected]