The Premier Online Training Program for Front Line Representatives and Loan Officers

One of the biggest challenges facing credit unions today in mortgage origination comes from increased competition from commercial banks, community banks, local and national mortgage lenders. The internet also creates significant challenges for credit unions, as the ease of obtaining mortgage information can tempt, even your most loyal members, to seek mortgage financing elsewhere.

Now more than ever, for credit unions to prosper in mortgage lending, they need for everyone on the front lines to be able to assist in lead generation and member retention.  All too often credit union front line representatives lack the knowledge to engage in meaningful conversation with members who visit the branch or call in.  The representative lack of mortgage finance understanding often results in your members having to wait for a qualified credit union loan officer contact them.  Even a short delay in getting financing information to your member can cost your credit union countless lending opportunities.

Now you can solve this mortgage challenge for your entire credit union.  For the first time ever, a complete video based mortgage training program has been created exclusively for your front line representatives.  With a computer, tablet, or even smart phone, your team can rapidly learn the most important mortgage financing principles in record time.  Imagine that from today forward, your representatives can learn the critical factors of mortgage financing, and then engage in meaningful dialogue with members to begin engagement.  Think how this simple improvement of communication to your members will increase lead retention, resulting in increased originations.

Mortgage University for Credit Unions is a complete 14 module training program completely focused on teaching your front line reps we call “conversational mortgage” so they can now become a key part in member retention for mortgage financing.

Who the Program is For:  Mortgage University is specifically designed for your front line representatives, new loan officers, and any staff member that needs to have a clear understanding of the essentials of mortgage finance.

14 Modules that Lead to Increased Mortgage Originations:

  • Module 1:  Understanding the Primary Mortgage Market

  • Module 2: Most common Mortgage Loan Programs

  • Module 3: Fundamentals of the Secondary Mortgage Market

  • Module 4: Key Lending Components and Considerations

  • Module 5: Understanding Various Mortgage Purposes and their Differences

  • Module 6: The Complete mortgage Loan Process

  • Module 7: Overview of the New Mortgage Loan Application

  • Module 8: Closing Costs Explained and the Disclosures

  • Module 9: How Borrower Information is Verified

  • Module 10: How to Source Borrowers Income

  • Module 11: How to Source Borrowers Assets

  • Module 12: Understanding PMI, Rate Sheets, and Pricing Adjustments

  • Module 13: Mortgage Payments and Qualifying

  • Module 14: Strategies for Creating Mortgage Leads for Your Credit Union

** This Program Contains:

  • 14 Comprehensive Video Modules
  • 124 Page interactive workbook
  • 170 Page Full Edited Video Reference Transcript

To find out  more about this program, and how it can even be customized specifically to the needs of your credit union, please contact Ron Vaimberg directly by calling 877-582-3865 or by email at [email protected]