When it comes to providing retail originators the most comprehensive and fastest methods to increase production, Ron Vaimberg is hands down the leader in providing training to mortgage professionals throughout the United States.  Ron’s high-intensity interaction,  dynamic success strategies, and humor that make his training programs so effective and quick to achieve results.

All training programs are customized based upon your specific company messaging and challenges to make sure that your loan officers receive exactly what they need, and what you want them to learn and master.  Program content can be combined to create the ultimate training experience for your sales team.

The purchase market is heating up and the opportunities to capture a big portion of the purchase market is in your grasp.  We all know listings are the key to exponential business growth.  You must know what to say to prospective sellers, how to say it, and the best way to position yourself in their minds to solidify the relationship rapidly.  As the purchase market continues to heat up, more and more sellers will be thinking about placing their home on the market.  This is going to create a frenzy of agents jumping back into the market.  You need to know how to shine above all others and NOT compete based upon commission, but more importantly on demonstrating you are the right choice.

To deliver a highly effective real estate listing presentation you must know how to stand out and influence sellers to do business with you at the same time.  You will need to know how to get their attention, deliver your message in a very powerful way, and ask for the listing.  Listings – Listings – Listings is the most powerful straight forward high impact presentation that will teach you how to get the sellers to want you without any tricks, games or false promises.  Learn from the master exactly how to deliver the most powerful listing agent presentation ever created by just knowing 5 powerful marketing and selling secrets.

There are secrets to creating an endless supply of referrals.  Whether you are looking to create a never-ending flow of new borrowers for refinancing, or you want to expand your purchase business, , your growth can happen faster than you ever imagined possible.  Knowing who to ask, how to ask, and when to ask for referrals is the key to growing your referral base rapidly.  In this program, you will master how to set up borrowers and existing referral partners to WANT to give you referrals.  You will also learn how to avoid the top 3 mistakes made by almost every originator when it comes to referral generation.

The purchase market is heating up and the opportunities to capture a big portion of the purchase market is in your grasp.  You must know what to say to realtors®, how to say it, and the best way to position yourself in their minds to solidify the relationship rapidly.  As the refinance market begins to slow, more and more loan officers will hit the streets to develop real estate agent relationships.  The challenges you face is that some loan officers may be better than you at developing agent relationships, or that simply the barrage of loan officers on the real estate agent community will alienate the realtors®, therefore, making it even harder for you to get to them.

To build a highly effective real estate referral network you must know the in’s and out’s of navigating the agent landscape.  You will need to know how to get their attention and deliver your message in a very powerful way to land their business.  This program will show you how to get the agents without tricks, games or false promises.  Learn from Ron Vaimberg, the success master, exactly how to deliver the most powerful real estate agent presentation ever created by just knowing 5 powerful marketing and selling secrets.

There is no more powerful sales system for influencing prospects and real estate agents to do business with you than The Ultimate Warrior 5 Step Sales Process.  It is one thing to generate the leads for borrowers and referral partners, it is another thing to get them to say “YES” to you. Mastering this incredibly powerful yet simple sales process is the ultimate secret to getting practically anyone to do business with you.  This presentation works with natural human psychology which is where the power lies within its use.  You don’t have to be a psychology expert, all you need to do is understand the basic principles of why this method is so effective and then learn the easy to implement power questions…

Networking can be an incredibly powerful way to grow your business, however, unless you have the right skills, you can end up wasting a lot of time and energy.  Networking is a very learnable skill however so few originators take the time to master the right way to do it.

How many times have you been to a networking function, left the event with a bunch of business cards only to have the relationships go nowhere afterward? Half the time you probably couldn’t even reach the person you said you were going to follow up with.  You leave messages but don’t get a return call.  This happens because you are not using the most effective methods to virtually guarantee a great connection when you first speak with the contact.  It is these little secrets that will allow you to either move the relationship forward or know right then and there that you are wasting your time.

Leads are the name of the game right?  With the market landscape about to change with a slight increase in rates, you need to know how to master the art of lead generation.  The only way to securely build a business for the long term is to know how to generate leads from many different sources such as real estate agents, attorneys, accountants, financial planners, contractors, insurance agents and your entire sphere of influence.  Marketing Explosion will take you to step by through each one of these lead generation areas and teach you how to master them more effectively than you have ever done so before.  Creating these types of referral partner relationships requires the right approach, the right presentation, and the right follow up.  Learn the “RIGHT” way to create a referral partner network without cold calling, and more importantly, without spending a lot of money on marketing.

Getting in front of a group of real estate agents can be a very scary or daunting task for some originators.  Even once you have landed the presentation, you must know how to deliver it with high impact and not sound like every other originator that walks in the door.  Learn how to land the presentation and then deliver the goods in a short highly effective presentation that takes control of every audience you stand in front of regardless of the size.  Never conduct a presentation and hope for future business, land the referrals and the business from day one.

Can you think of one or more things you should be doing that would increase your business but you just don’t do them?   it may be because you say you don’t have the time or you don’t know what to do execute the plan.  However, we all know these are nothing more than excuses.  What is really stopping you is nothing more than the excuses or justifications you have in your head.  (Once in a while, it may be a legitimate excuse, however, the reality is that if you don’t solve the issue, you are still no better off)  Never make excuses again for not completing a success action by knowing how to clear out the “trash” in your head that keeps you from taking action.  When you go through the empowerment process that only Ron Vaimberg can teach, you will never again make an excuse for not taking action.  In fact, you will be programmed to take massive action and your business will rise to a whole new level that you never imagined you could achieve so fast.  Eliminate the “head trash” today and start earning significantly more income than you are today.

This program is the premier program offered by Ron Vaimberg.  This exclusive multi-day program is the most powerful origination success program ever created.  Master a complete process for building a super successful high production origination business.  This program is the first class ticket to become the industries elite.  The Ultimate Warrior MLO starts with your Mindset and rapidly advances you to mastering ALL the skills needed to generate a massive amount of leads and then convert them into applications, and then closed loans.

upon completion of this program, you are programmed and dialed in for achieving massive success as an originator.  Within just a matter of months, you will be in the top 1% of all originators in the country.  If you are already one of the industry elite, then this program will launch you into the next universe in production without you working spending any more time than you currently spend in your business.  This program is about maximizing your effectiveness in every aspect of what you do.  This program is the most highly interactive program ever created for originators.  As an attendee, you don’t just learn, you interact, practice and master the tools of success before you ever leave the event.  This program is for the originator who is committed to being simply the best.  When you enter this program you are entering the “No Excuse Zone…Success is the Only Option”.

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