Rapidly win the attention and business of top producing agents

Explode your network of agents, attorneys, financial planners, insurance agents, etc…

Master social media marketing secrets

How to get free advertising in your market

And so much more…

Why Ron Vaimberg for CU Purchase Business Mastery?

Ron’s success secrets to credit union purchase business growth and relationship development are continually refined and proven to empower your team to excel against your competition and outside forces regardless of the housing market or interest rate environment.

His strategies align with the philosophies and culture of credit unions so your team can achieve extraordinary sales results. Ron believes that the key to your team success is to leverage your companies strengths. His unique approach to business and purchase business development growth is what enables your team to grow faster than you ever imagined possible.

– Ron Vaimberg is a top producing industry veteran originator/trainer/coach for over 3 decades
– Ron’s coaching/training is responsible for over $8 billion in increased client purchase production.
-Ron is personally coaches and leads industry top 1% originators to continually increase their purchase production regardless of market conditions.

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What is CU Purchase Bootcamp?

Credit Union Purchase Bootcamp (CU-PBC) is an interactive 4-session (2 hours per session) success training program. CU-PBC takes you step-by-step through the exact tools, systems, and insights to empower your team to leverage the current market, effectively compete and displace your competition for rapid purchase business growth.

CU-PBC can be completely customized on content and delivery times to meet your needs

CU Purchase Bootcamp Agenda:

Rapid Result Session 1: 5 Forces of Purchase Business Mastery – Your Formula for Success

This first mastery session provides the immediate ability to separate yourself from your competition through the understanding of the 5 Forces of Purchase Business Mastery. The knowledge and implementation of these principles is the differentiator that launches your teams ability to displace your competition and rapidly grow purchase business. Starting with creating your company “Competitive Positioning,” your LO’s will have a clearly defined power message that elevates them above your competition.

Rapid Results Session 2: How to Stand Out In Front of the LO Field

Having a strategy for growing purchase business and knowing who to target are keys to implementing a defined purchase growth plan. When combined with knowing exactly how to create impactful attention winning marketing messages, and then deliver them with power statements, rapidly accelerates team growth faster than you might ever have imagined.

Rapid Results Session 3: Lead Mastery Systems – Creating Your Endless Lead Funnel

In this mastery session, we will build your lead Parthenon. This unique strategy ensures your LO’s will always have an ever-growing funnel of motivated and qualified prospects. Imagine having multiple streams of lead generators that work synergistically with each other that exponentially grow your CU business.

Rapid Results 4: Sales Mastery Systems – How to Get a Ton More “Yes’s”

The ability to influence referral partners and prospects to do business with your credit union is the final piece to extraordinary growth. With competition more fierce than ever before, how your team presents and persuade people to say YES is the ultimate game-winner for building your a 100% referral-based business.

Why is CU Purchase Bootcamp Different?

Purchase Bootcamp is a “How To” system for achieving immediate and great success in growing purchase business. Unlike most industry events that purposely provide you only 30,000-foot ideas so you will purchase their products…Ron Vaimberg’s CU Purchase Bootcamp gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed!

Call 877-582-3865 for more details on hosting a private virtual program for your entire team.

About Ron

Ron Vaimberg is recognized as one of the most requested, in-demand mortgage trainers and coach’s in the credit union realm. He is the driving force behind a number of the nation’s top-producing mortgage loan officers. Ron’s success coaching and training are directly responsible for more than 10 billion dollars in increased originator production.

As a thirty-five-year industry veteran originator, trainer and coach, Ron is the go-to trainer, sales coach, and success strategist for top originators throughout the U.S. and Canada. Ron is recognized as the “street trainer”, in that his high-performance marketing and sales strategies work in the real world and are easy to implement and produce rapid results.

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